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    Awesome Job is a cleaning company that prides itself in getting things right. We see everything with fresh eyes so your home will be spotless. With such focus, we do our best in all types of deep cleaning and organizing.
    At Awesome Job...Cleaning is an Art Form.
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Deep cleaning
Deep Cleaning

It’s all in the vacuum with our deep cleaning. Using a Miele canister takes dirt/dust removal to a new level. It’s exceptionally quiet and yet incredibly powerful, adjusting from shop-vac strength for major challenges, like sliding glass door tracks, window sills & hard to reach areas. It can also adjust for ultra-gentle needs, for dusting off delicate objects, lampshades and window treatments. It's 12-foot hose reaches hard-to-reach ceiling fans and under beds & couches and cobwebs in corners.

We vacuum, rather than sweep tile floors & hardwood floors to avoid stirring up dust. Wherever practical, dust from shelves & furniture is also removed with the vacuum. When we leave, most of the dust leaves with us. The turbo-brush removes pet fur from throw rugs, pillows & furniture. It pulls debris from under the cushions.

As we mop an area, we also dry it with a towel, to remove film left behind by the mop. Windows & mirrors are cleaned early in the day and streaks are addressed as the light shifts. Light fixtures are cleaned, down to the bulb. With these priorities & these methods, homes stay clean much longer.

Seeing is Believing!

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Special Project Cleaning

Awesome Job Cleaning eagerly takes on special project cleaning. Whether you're in need of a major home organizing project or simply have unusual areas that need cleaning, I'll be there to take care of it. I work six hour days with no breaks so I can keep the momentum going the entire time I'm working on your home or business.

I have eighteen years of cleaning experience. The first six years I worked for the physically and financially challenged elderly. These older people are the ones who trained me to clean in a particular method. They had nothing else to do other than watch me work and direct me to clean in very specific ways. When I finished, they always raved about my attention to detail, and my willingness to go to any lengths to make them happy with my work. After those six years, I decided to use my talents to better my own life. That's when and why I started my own business!

You can always feel free to call and schedule in the middle of the night if you need to. I am dedicated to my clients 24/7, and my enthusiasm never lets up!

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